A What Now?

Come Watch or Try Your Hand At Making Games for Kids

PBSKids is hosting a 48 Hour Game Jam and inviting you to come join as a team to learn, experience and try your hand at making a game!

Any skill level is invited! From teams just starting out to experts in the field. We feel everyone will learn something and come out with a new perspective on designing for kids.

Hosted inside MAGLabs. Enjoy the festival if you need some inspiration or a quick break from jamming! Jammers will have a chance to enjoy the festival Saturday and Sunday while their games are voted on.

PBSKids staff will be there to help guide and answer questions during the event. A panel will start the Jam with some helpful info on how to design for kids. A public and private vote will take place at the end.

Network, learn, collaborate, invent but most of all have fun learning about a unique field of game design!

We could see early on that these games were actually helping kids understand some key skills.
Sara DeWitt

Let's Do This!

Sign Up

Teams of up to five members may sign up. Limited to 40 people so space is limited.

Make sure your whole team signs up at once!

Teams are responsible for getting a MAGLabs badge for each member and hotel rooms from the links below. They must also provide their own equipment to work on!

Team Sign Up Looking for a Team? MagLabs Registration Hotel